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International Brain Bee
International Brain Bee
International Brain Bee
International Brain Bee


The International Brain Bee was founded in 1999 and is the world-wide neuroscience competition for high school students. Directed by founder Dr. Norbert Myslinski, the Brain Bee motivates students to learn about the brain, captures their imaginations, and inspires them to pursue neuroscience careers in order to help treat and find cures for neurological and psychological disorders. There are currently about 150 Local Brain Bee coordinators in 30 countries worldwide that conduct competitions annually. The winner of each Local Bee is invited to attend the National Brain Bee competition in his or her own country, and the winner of each National Bee is invited to compete in the International Brain Bee Championship. Brain Bees test one's knowledge of the human brain including such topics as intelligence, emotions, memory, sleep, vision, hearing, sensations, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, schizophrenia, epilepsy, depression, addictions and brain research. The local competitions are in the question-and-answer format based on material from a book that is freely downloadable from the internet The championship competitions may also involve a neuroanatomy laboratory practical with real human brains, neurohistology with microscopes, brain imaging identification and patient diagnosis with patient actors.The International Brain Bee is a program of the non-profit foundation Mankind for International Neuroscience Development, Inc. (MIND, Inc).

IBB 2012 Champion

Teresa Tang of Australia

The 2012 International World Brain Bee Champion

Major Contributor to the 2013 International Championship

Dr. S. M. Raju (Madhusudana Raju Sayyaparaju)


The 2012 International Brain Bee Championship was held in Cape Town, South Africa in conjunction with the International Congress of Psychology. The winner and currrent world champion is Teresa Tang from Brisbane State High School in Australia. The National Australian Brain Bee Coordinator is Dr. Linda Richards. The primary sponsor was Dr. S. M. Raju.

The 2013 International Brain Bee Championship (IBBC) will be in Vienna, Austria in conjunction with the 21st World Congress of Neurology. The IBBC will be held in the Congress Center, Messeplatz 1 from September 22nd to 24th, 2013. The Chairman of the IBBC Organizing Committee is Dr. Julianne McCall of Heidleberg University in Germany.  The National Brain Bee Champions competing in the 2013 IBBC are representing the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Italy, Kenya, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Participation is pending for Bangladesh, Poland, and Wales. For more information contact The remaining members of the 2013 IBB Championship Organizing committee are the following.

Dr. Judy Shedden, Canada
Dr. Jonathan Dostrovsky, Canada
Dr. Rasheed Alameer, Saudi Arabia
Francis A. Fakoya, Grenada
Andrii Cherninskyi, Ukraine
Meggie Mwoka, Kenya
Dr. Obonyo, Kenya
Cristian Gurzu, Romania
Polycarp Nwoha, Nigeria

The 2014 International Brain Bee Championship will be in Washington, DC, August 7th to 10th in conjunction with the American Psychological Association Convention. The chairman of the IBBC organizing committee is Dr. Norbert Myslinski (

Students interested in competing in a Brain Bee, please contact their local Brain Bee Coordinator. Individuals interested in starting Local or National Brain Bees please contact Norbert Myslinski at

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